About Ursula & Peter

Ursula and Pietro have visited close to 100 ski areas in the Alps: Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland; in the US and Canada: East Coast - Maine, NH, Vermont; Rocky Mountains from California to BC.

We also have extensive travel experience worldwide; including bike tours.

Summers we water ski in the US.

We provide information about resorts you won't find in travel brochures or from travel agencies. We'll give you tips for your trip by phone or e-mail.

Pietro is a PSIA certified ski coach in 3 disciplines.

Ursula speaks 4 languages, taught languages for over 30 years at college level; also an experienced ballroom dancer.

Contact Us

978-835-4614 US
781-710-9377 CELL
0162-4374-123 Europe

Email: umccune@yahoo.com

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